America’s leading military equipment company wants to produce in Bulgaria

America’s leading military equipment company wants to produce in Bulgaria
1000 jobs will be created for the production of 10 models of state-of-the-art armored vehicles

A leading company for the production of military equipment from the United States wants to produce its machines in our country. This will open more than 1000 working machines. This could happen if the Department of Defense accepts the proposal of the leading US company The Armored Group (TAG) to supply infantry fighting vehicles for the needs of the Army and to develop its production in our country.

TAG requested inclusion in the current vendor selection procedure in May 2019.
The MO’s position is that the company’s request came too late in the project, although TAG is ready to submit a binding offer before the 31 October deadline. As part of its industrial cooperation proposal to the Bulgarian government, TAG proposes to move its entire production of military-grade armored vehicles to Bulgaria.
The main emphasis of the proposal is to create a joint venture with Terem Holding or another company designated by the Bulgarian Government.

America's leading military equipment company wants to produce in Bulgaria
Asparuh Pilosof – TAG Representative for Bulgaria, Tarek Heidemani – Director of Product Production at TAG and Robert Pazderka – CEO of US Company
Our country must participate with land and workplaces, and the US company will provide management, equipment and state-of-the-art technology. The company also emphasizes the benefit to Bulgarian production of the 30 years of experience its engineers have in the manufacture of machinery.
At the suggestion of TAG, the joint venture is required to obtain a license to produce 10 types of armored vehicles, and not only for vehicles under the current MOA assignment.
It must also be granted exclusive rights to sell these 10 types of cars in the EU, including the option of owning brands.
„Our proposal is that Bulgaria should not just be a customer of a manufacturer based in another country,“ said TAG Executive Director Robert Pazderka. „We give Bulgaria the opportunity to join forces with our company and compete with these same manufacturers in the large armored vehicle market in the EU. Moreover, Bulgaria will enter this market with the most modern American technologies and probably with the most competitive prices. “
Asparuh Pilosof – TAG Representative for Bulgaria, Tarek Heidemani – Director of Product TAG Production, Robert Pazderka – CEO of US Company, and David Hampson – Representative of TAG for Bulgaria
Photo: TAG
TAG Product Development Director Tarek Hameidani is convinced of the complete superiority of the presented Mastiff 8x8x8 infantry fighting machine over every competitor’s machine.
„We are ready to meet our team with the chief engineers of each competitor, bring in one machine and talk about things like ballistic and mine protection, engine layout and center of gravity, thermal imprint of the machine, eight drive and twist wheels, time to change the engine and more. It’s going to be fun, „Hameidani said.
10 supermodern models are being manufactured in Bulgaria.
Photos: TAG
The Mastiff 8x8x8 war machine was presented to a professional audience yesterday, 26.09.2019, with the assistance of the Defense Acquisition Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.
Photos: TAG
TAG was founded in 1992 in Detroit as a small car manufacturing business. Today, TAG is one of the largest armored car suppliers in America with clients such as the US Army, Department of Defense, Department of State, and more.

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