Is Melania ugly?

Is Melania ugly?

A wooden sculpture in the natural growth of the first US lady Melania Trump was discovered near her native town of Soznica in southeastern Slovenia, Reuters reported, quoted by bulpress. Ordered by American artist Brad Downey, working in Berlin, and carved with a chainsaw by local craftsman Alesh Zupetz, the statue serves as an adjunct to the Downey Exposition in the Slovenian capital dedicated to the roots of Melanie in the small Alpine country.


The angular, unpretentious figure is carved from the trunk of live linden tree, whose base is shaped like a high pedestal in a field beside the Sava River in the village of Rozeno, 8 kilometers from the Centec, where Melania has spent her childhood.


There is no attempt to achieve a precise resemblance, so much so that the Ljubljana gallery is not sure whether to accept the statue seriously.

Is Melania ugly?

Although the face of the statue is roughly carved and it can not be known that it is Melania, the figure is in a garment painted in light blue to remind the mantle Mrs Trump had at her husband’s inauguration ceremony as president.


Downey said he wanted to „conduct a dialogue with the political situation in his country“ and to bring Melanie’s status as an immigrant, married to a president who swore to reduce immigration.


The sculptor, known for the artistic name Maxi, is a peasant of Melanie and was born in the same hospital as her. Currently he is mainly involved in pipe laying.


„Let’s face it,“ says Maxi in a film showing as part of the exposition, „she owns half America and I have nothing.“


After the Melanie cake, White House household slippers and presidential burgers, this is another acquisition for Melanie Trump’s birthplace, but it has provoked controversial reactions locally, according to the French press.


In social networks, the statue placed in the field was compared to a scarecrow.


„I realize that people think this is not physically the real Melanie,“ said Dooney for the AFP, but said the result was „splendid.“


Sevnitsa, which has 5,000 inhabitants, has taken advantage of Melanie’s renown for three years and encourages local merchants to offer goods related to the first lady, AFP said.


Although the sites associated with Melanie Knave are objectively limited – its school and the building where it lived, travel agencies do not hesitate to offer thematic tours.


The American conceptual artist says he wanted, through the statue of Melanie and other works, to explore the roots of 49-year-old Melanie Trump, which is often described as mysterious.


Most likely, this is another provocation aimed at creating a negative emotion for Trump’s family.

Soros’s long hand and his strong influence in Europe has been working endlessly against the President of America.

Melanie is very beautiful and here the goal is to be ugly.

Is Melania ugly or is this another provocation?


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