Orders: € 9.1 MLRD: The newest underwater world

Orders: € 9.1 MLRD: The newest underwater world

France releases a submarine „Sifren“, the first of six new attacking nuclear submarines.

The new submarines are capable of launching winged rockets and carrying special forces that will allow the French fleet to „generate a jump.“

The Ceremony, attended by President Emanuel Macron, highlighted the completion of the Barakuda submarine, from which 12 conventional moving units were sold to Australia.


The underwater vehicle is completed with a three year shut-off and will be subjected to marine tests before joining the Tulon fleet in the next year.

Barracuda class submarines will replace six submarines that have been in operation since the early eighties.

– This is a true pokolen jump. We move from a very small platform, about 2500 tonnes to Barakud, which will be two and a half times more difficult, „said the expert on the underwater patricks, Patrik van den Ende.

The price of the submarine, initially estimated at 7.9 billion euros, rose by up to 9.1 billion a year. The last of the sixth ships will enter into operation in 2030 years.

In addition to the traditional tasks of the nuclear submarines, hunt for other submarines, the protection of significant facilities or four submarines carrying nuclear missiles, and collecting the intelligence data of the breach of hell, Barakude will also have two new missions.


First hit the „celestial targets“ of the 1,000-kilometer winged rocket on the American fleet, which Sifren could shoot in four to four bays, as well as to slip through with special forces across the bridge.


„Sifren“ will be able to operate independently for 70 days at a depth of 350 meters, the French Directorate for Energy has announced.


The approach of „Sifrena“ occurs in the context of increasing the number of submarines in the world. There are more than 450 days.


Although the United States, Russia, China and the United Kingdom with the only parties, except for France, which have nuclear submarines with a nuclear power, more and more parties are seeking to take their conventional fleets, such as India and Australia, or for the first time to join the fleets , pravejki Malaysia Bangladesh and Vietnam.

And the $ 500 billion to spend The French can not even come close to what America owns.
They will need at least 50 years.

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