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Election tourism or migration of voters

Election tourism or migration of voters

Elective tourism or voter migration is what happens in the US and around the world.

Thus whole governments are manipulated.

Who is behind these migratory processes who stimulates them who, who?



US President Donald Trump has announced he is considering a presidential decree to raise a controversial issue on citizenship during the 2020 census after the Supreme Court blocked his initial attempts to include such a question.


“We are working on many things, including a presidential decree,” Trump told journalists at the White House.

He also suggested that a question of citizenship might be included at a later stage, even if it is not in the questionnaire currently being printed.

A White House spokesman commented on Thursday that the administration is examining every option to include the issue.

This is important not only for America but for the whole world that is happening.

This is a well-calculated process with migrants around the world, and then change management. This is a direct threat to democracy in the world and in our country.

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