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Google is sifting information to avoid choosing Trump in 2020

Google is sifting information to avoid choosing Trump in 2020

The search engine aims to “program” people through their algorithms and distorted display of information to convince them in given political or social viewpoints, documents and testimonies.
There is a huge political and technological scandal in the United States, at the center of which is Google and which will affect the whole world. A few days ago, Project Veritas published a hidden camera record where Jen Genai, a long-time employee of the company and one of the major executives of the project, held the post of Head of Responsible Innovation, . This is the department that works on developing and learning new technologies that have the potential to influence society. He also monitors the introduction of AI technologies.

The conversation takes place in a restaurant, and Genai has no idea that they are filming her. That’s why it allows us to comment on Google’s goals and ambitions that are more than frightening – controlling the population and choosing a new president of the United States, which is not Donald Trump or the like, instead of displaying objective data:

“Elizabeth Warren says we have to crush Google, I love it, but it’s pretty confused, it will not make the situation better, but worse, because all these smaller companies that will not have the same resource as us will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation Small company can not handle it We all screwed up in 2016 And not only us, they screwed up, the media screwed them up, everyone was suddenly screwed up – how this happened and how we can stop it in order to further? We also teach algorithms to see if if 2016th happen again, whether the result will be the same? “she says in the video.

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