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Schiff: Trump lawyers ‘deathly afraid’ of witnesses

“They don’t say that there was no evidence that he was conditioning the aid. They just try to make the case that you don’t need a fair trial here, you can make these go away,” the California Democrat said.

“But look — if they’re successful in depriving the country of a fair trial, there is no exoneration,” he added. “There is no exoneration.”

But at least four Senate Republicans must join with Democrats in a vote for additional witnesses to be called.

Schiff also criticized the possibility of “witness reciprocity,” in which House Democrats and Trump’s defense would be able to pair witnesses called to testify.

“I think the president has the right to call relevant witnesses, just as we do, in his defense,” Schiff said. “He doesn’t have the right to call irrelevant witnesses or witnesses who aren’t fact witnesses.”

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