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WATCH: Backlash After AOC Doubles Down on Calls to Abolish DHS

WATCH: Backlash After AOC Doubles Down on Calls to Abolish DHS


Speaking recently, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reaffirmed her earlier statements and called for the Department of Homeland Security to be abolished.

Ocasio-Cortez stated her belief that abolishing agencies such as the DHS or ICE is “not radical,” and suggested that the agencies themselves were created under radical notions.

Needless to say, conservatives on social media were not impressed with AOC’s suggestion, and took to the internet to share their thoughts on her most recent plans.


You know, it’s easy to be a fool and constantly published and made fun of. Cortez has taken it to a new level. Our congress has really gone to hell.

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Michael DuBose@Michael_DuBose

I thank the Lord everyday that she is not in charge.

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Truth Not Censorship@CensorshipNot

The more she talks, the better the chance people will realize how crazy she is. Ramble away, Alexandria. Ramble away.

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Jack Johnson@LibertyJackJ

She wants to redistribute American wealth globally. She’s a global socialist.

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John Betts@JohnFromCranber

The Radical Marxist @AOC wants to abolish DHS, which would essentially abolish the United States.

Because without a Border, and folks to protect your Country from Foreign Invaders, you simply don’t have a country.

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Watching her is exhausting but convinces me Trump will win by a landslide.

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