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WATCH: Warren Vows to Take Action Against Israeli “Occupation” if Elected President

WATCH: Warren Vows to Take Action Against Israeli “Occupation” if Elected President

Recently, Democrat Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was captured on video discussing her approach to key aspects of the US-Israeli relationship, should she be elected.

When asked if she would “push Israel to end its occupation of Gaza and the West Bank,” Warren replied, “Yes, yes,” and later added, “I’m there.”

The controversial issue has remained a hurdle for Democrats seeking the party’s nomination in the upcoming election, as conservatives have raised the alarm on what appears to be growing anti-semitic sentiment within the left’s ranks.d took to social media to share their thoughts on the subject.

John Gray@JohnGraySnarks

… So the Democrat Party’s talking points are now aligning against Israel, and with … Hamas and Hezbollah? Is it just me, or does this ideological lurch left seem to have happened incredibly fast? 😒😒😒

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Gene Lewis@CeRanch

Obviously she has no idea about foreign policy or what is going on in the real world. She will never have my vote.

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Rich.. 🇺🇸🇮🇹⚾🏖️@pavadore_rich

Senator Warren hasn’t done one thing for her constituency since being elected.
She started her presidential campaign the day after election.

The fraud continues..

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Tim H@TimHumphrey99

Not sure who’s she pandering to with this one

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